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We know how hard it can be drilling a safe that's why if you are upgrading to a CSE 'Grade 3+' unit from a older generation Capella, LFS or URA product, then we have conversion mounting plates which will allow you to retro fit without having to re-drill the ATM or Safe / Vault.

We have spacers to fit all makes and models of ATM machine, no matter if the door is recessed, lay on, or A flush DOOR , we have solutions to fit all.

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ATM 7 Spacers and Spare parts

ATM7 22mm Hasp spacer Part No: BA055-2

ATM7 44mm Hasp spacer Part No: BA055-3

ATM7 Hasp Side Fit Bracket. Part No: BA055-6

Used when there is less than 10mm at door edge to fit the hasp and spacer

ATM7 replacement Hasp Part No: BA055-1

ATM 7 Body and hasp spacer Kit for recessed safe doors.

Part No: CSEBA055-15G

Kit comprises of 5 x 2mm Body plates 3 x 2mm Hasp Spacers and various length screw fixings, allowing the body of the ATM 7 to be raised in 2mm increments

Technical Documentation showing how various spacers are fixed is available to download from the Support Tech Share area of our website

ATM 6 Door Spacers

10mm , 12mm 15mm Spacers are available   for instances where an ATM 6 is fitted to the side of an ATM and the door is a recessed lay over type door.

ATM 13 Door Spacers

2mm and 10mm Spacers are available  for instances where an ATM 13 is being fitted  to upgrade from an LFS 13 on an  Wincor Nixdorf Machine with a recessed door

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