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About CSE......

​​CSE / Capella have been manufacturing high security protection systems for most UK major Banks, Building Societies and other financial institutions since Capella Electronics was formed in 1986.

CSE was incorporated in May 2019 from Capella Electronics Limited after the sad passing of owner and Managing Director Steve Goggin in 2018, and is now headed up by Neil Woodger and Chris Meadows.

CSE's Core activity centers on the development, manufacture and provision of security devices and apparatus for installation by nearly all of the domestic and international high security companies.

Primarily, these products are theft deterrent and early warning attack devices for ATMs, night safes, free standing safes, vaults and book and deposit rooms, armories and ordnance depots, and data centers.

Our systems are well established - being derivatives of proven multi-generation designs.

All our products are engineered at our factory in the UK within a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 system

Registered Firm no: FS717893 

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