Steel Enclosures

PACOM Compatible
Hinged Steel Enclosure


CSE-PACOM standard wall-mount enclosure is designed securely to house PACOM hardware of all types, including multiple devices and combinations.

The enclosure features mounting holes and a pre-drilled mounting plate for securing hardware devices.

The enclosure has several removable sections for simplifying wiring connections and also features tamper switches (for cover removal and wall-mount disturbance) for increased security.

A typical enclosure can accommodate a controller, power supply and backup battery, and several door controllers.

Pacom Box Open Front.jpg
Pacom Rear.jpg
Pacom Box Internal.jpg
Pacom Cable Kit Bag.jpg

Locking Network / BT Point Open Backed Enclosure 

JS131 Rear.jpg

200mm x 200mm x80mm Locking Steel Enclosure box with 20mm rear cable access hole

200x200 Front Open.jpg
200x200 Rear.jpg
Bottom Front.jpg
200x200Hinged Side.jpg
200x200 Front.jpg

A4 Doc-Box

Steel Locking Wall mountable A4 Size

The A4 sized document box range is ideal for the safe keeping of important documents, log books and other paperwork.

CSE has now complimented its standard A4 lockable document box with the addition of new enhanced models, providing variation in functionality, sizing and finish.

Versions Available with Bulldog Clip, and now available painted in Red

A4 Document Box-500x500.PNG
A4 Fire Box.jpg