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Door Guard Pro

CSE Door Guard Pro

Part No: CSE-DG1

Door alarm and shunt device with audio and visual indicators is an essential security measure for any building.

Our device is designed to provide reliable protection against unauthorized entry / exit, with clear and easy-to-understand alerts that ensure your property is always secure.

Trust us to provide the best in door guard technology for your peace of mind.

Grade 3 Stainless steel fully tampered enclosure.

12v DC

Alarm and Shunt SPCO relays

Audio and Visual Alerts (sound can turned on/off via jumper)

Remote Override function (if Key unavailable)

Hurry Up Function (Set via jumpers)

Can be used with all alarm panels, (onboard 1k resistors, or can be user set via jumper and terminal)

Can be supplied common keyed or random keyed

Data Sheet available in support area

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