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Aritech DC108 Door / Overhead Door contact, floor mounting

Aritech DC108 Door / Overhead Door contact, floor mounting


Aritech, DC108, 75mm Gap Surface Overhead/Floor Mount Contact with 2M Armoured Cable

Surface Overhead/Floor mount contact with 2M armoured cable, N/C, 75mm gap max, (Grade 2 and Vds B approved)

The DC108 series overhead door magnetic contact is for use in the rigorous environments of commercial and industrial installations. The floor mount units are constructed with a low profile heavy cast aluminium housing. The reed switch assembly is fully encased in an exclusive polyurethane potting material to prevent damage due to moisture or humidity.

Key Features:
  • Miniature, low-profile design
  • Stainless steel armoured cable for added security, reliability
  • Wide working gap for overhead doors
  • Small size less likely to be damaged by forklifts
  • Tamper loop provided
  • PRODUCT Specifications

    • Contact type: NC
    • Size magnet: 88.9 x 38.1 x 38.1 mm
    • Size contact: 88.9 x 38.1 x 11 mm
    • Material: Aluminium
VAT Included
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